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Before installation of the Orca system, ProEconomy assesses not only the quality of the incoming water but also the site itself and identifies outlets that are most at risk.

To ensure that Legionella bacteria are controlled and enough copper and silver is in the water, analysis for Legionella and copper and silver concentrations is carried out regularly.

Samples are collected by ProEconomy and sent to an independent accredited laboratory for analysis. ProEconomy's sampling technicians are fully trained and qualified.

If at any time, after installation of the Orca system, there is a positive Legionella result then a mutually agreed action plan is initiated to isolate and eliminate the Legionella bacteria either through releasing more copper and silver ions into the water through the Orca system or by identifying the Legionella source, such as long areas in the water system with stagnant water (deadlegs), rubber lined flexible hoses, dirty mixers etc.

System inspection and maintenance of the Orca system is carried out by ProEconomy every month. ProEconomy's engineers are fully trained and qualified.

After each service a report, including copies of water analysis certificates, is completed and sent to the client.

ProEconomy keep all your records up to date and in a secure place.

All your records are treated with strict confidentiality.


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ProEconomy's fleet of vans

A ProEconomy van at the European Space Agency