Understanding Biocidal Copper and Silver and Article 95

There are a number of companies selling elemental silver (EC No. 231-131-3, CAS No. 7440-22-4) as part of copper and silver ionisation systems for controlling Legionella and other bacteria in water systems that are not on the Article 95 list for elemental silver. At present, these ionisation companies would need to purchase their elemental silver in the correct Product Type (PT) from members of the silver task force that are on the Article 95 list, or from a company in a supply chain with members of the silver task force that are on the Article 95 list.

There are only 2 companies, other than ProEconomy, that are on the Article 95 list for elemental silver under PT 2 (uses include bathing water, air-conditioning systems, and water distribution systems) and PT 5 (drinking water).

Once elemental silver is approved as an active substance under the BPR, the need to comply with the product authorisation rules of the BPR arise. One effect of these rules is that a company supplying elemental silver as a biocidal product would need to demonstrate that its source of elemental silver is technically equivalent to the sources of elemental silver approved under the BPR. At the moment, there is only ProEconomy and one other company whose elemental silver is being reviewed under the BPR.

The majority of the ionisation systems used in the UK are installed within healthcare premises and therefore are paid by the taxpayer. ProEconomy are concerned about the financial implications associated with paying for non-compliant ionisation systems that will have to be shortly removed. ProEconomy would like to make the UK healthcare industry aware of this compliance situation as non-compliant ionisation companies may not be keeping their customers apprised.

ProEconomy are also concerned about the rising cost of elemental silver as a biocide which may fluctuate over time. ProEconomy has not increased the price of its elemental silver and guarantees the stability of its elemental silver price.

We hope that non-compliant ionisation companies have made their potential clients aware of the instability of their elemental silver price and the potential removal of their silver ionisation products from the market when the product authorisation obligations arise, as mentioned above.  

Written by Byron Bedford

Director of ProEconomy 

For more information please get in touch with me on 01525 854111 or at byron@proeconomy.com

July 12, 2013

Copper and silver ionisation is essential for Legionella control.

HSE has backed copper as a biocide for essential use. 

ProEconomy have worked tirelessly over the last 20 years to create the reputation that they have and they have helped establish copper and silver ionisation as an essential method for Legionella control.

Nick Bedford MD of ProEconomy is positive about the derogation; ‘the review of copper as a biocide by the EC had a big impact on us and we are glad that HSE backed copper and silver ionisation as an essential water treatment method. We hope to build on this and are positive that there will be positive changes for copper and silver ionisation in the new ACoP L8. It’s time that ionisation’s contribution to Legionella control has a more balanced standing within official legislation.’

For more information contact Nick Bedford at nick@proeconomy.com.

July 12, 2013

ProEconomy want your opinion!

With the European Commission confirming that it intends to go forward with the derogation for copper as a biocide and the planned changes to ACoP L8 there are a great deal of changes occurring within the water treatment industry.

ProEconomy want to get your opinion on these changes.

Below is a link to a quick two minute questionnaire on these topics that we would really appreciate you filing out.

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July 12, 2013

Thanks HSE for supporting essential use derogation.

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank HSE for their support of the essential use derogation for copper as a biocide. 

Copper was taken off the market on the 22nd of February 2013 due to EC legislation.

The application for annex listings on the European Biocidal Products Directive was not taken up by the copper and silver ionisation industry due to the industry still being in its infancy.

The copper and silver ionisation industry has been deeply affected by the EC decision to take copper off the market and many companies, including ProEconomy, have lost clients because of the decision. 

We appreciate that the UK's HSE has stood up for our industry and the product that we produce.

Furthermore, HSE applied for derogation under essential use, which should give estate departments across the country much confidence moving forward.

If would like any further information on the developments please contact Dr Birgitta Bedford at birgitta@proeconomy.com.

June 24, 2013

A donation to charity.

ProEconomy would like to thank Hereford County Hospital for inviting them to give a 30 minute presentation at their latest water management meeting.


The presentation was part of ProEconomy's ongoing offer to donate fifty pounds to WaterAid for the opportunity give a short talk on their copper and silver ionisation system.  

So do your bit for charity and invite ProEconomy to give a presentation at your next water management meeting and they will send fifty pounds to WaterAid in your hospitals name.

Please contact Byron or Mark on 01525 854111 for further details.


June 5, 2013

ProEconomy impress at HefMa.

ProEconomy's copper and silver ionisation system and silver only porpoise system attracted a great deal of attention at the hefMa expo in Milton Keynes. 

There was a great deal of buzz generated about copper and silver ionisation and Proeconomy felt that the estates and infection control personel at the expo were very receptive to their Legionella control method.


If we met any one at the expo that would like to learn more about copper and silver ionisation and the benefits it can offer, please get in touch by contacting the company director Byron Bedford at:

Email: byron@proeconomy.com

Tel: 01525 854111



June 5, 2013

The most science based Legionella control method. 

Over 25 peer reviewed scientific papers support the Orca copper and silver ionisation system. 

There are more papers published in support of copper and silver ionisation than any other Legionella control method. 

The Orca system is also backed by Dr Birgitta Bedford, who extensively confirmed the efficacy of copper and silver ionisation in her PHD on Legionella control (the boxes below contain Dr Birgitta Bedford's research).


She remains the only Doctor to have a PHD specifically in Legionella control. 

Please see the link below for an extract of each of the 25 papers and for more information on Dr Birgitta Bedford’s PHD please contact:

Dr Birgitta Bedford

Tel: 01525 854111

Email: birgitta@proeconomy.com 

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