Legionella Control In Education

ProEconomy provides schools, colleges and universities with advanced water treatment and monitoring services to meet strict legislation regarding legionella control in education.

Legionella control in education is key for the safety of staff and students and must be part of all school, college and university risk assessments. Whether it’s student accommodation or school kitchens, Legionella control is essential for keeping students safe.

Our Orca copper and silver water treatment system, combined with our Tetras water management system is helping educational sites stay compliant with legionella regulations and therefore protect their employees and students.

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Water Treatment For Education

Our Orca copper silver ionisation system provides Legionella control for the following educational sites. Meanwhile, our water management system is especially effective for educational sites, where multiple water outlets need to be sampled and managed across large areas.


University halls contain several water outlets including showers, kitchen and bathroom taps while campus contain facilities such as gyms and swimming pools all of which are breeding grounds for Legionella. Therefore, to protect students and comply with the latest legislation, it is vital that universities install a proven water treatment modality to control Legionella site wide.


With student and staff facilities such as toilets and kitchenettes, schools contain multiple water outlets. Plus, due to long schools holidays, water outlets can go long periods of time without flushing, increasing the risk of Legionella bacteria. It is therefore vital that schools adopt a proven Legionella treatment plan to keep staff and pupils safe and ensure the normal running of the school.


As well as facilities such as toilets, kitchenettes and on site food production facilities, some colleges have on site gym and showers, increasing the risk of Legionella bacteria at colleges. It is therefore vital that colleges put in place a proven water treatment and management modality in order to protect pupils and staff alike from water borne bacteria.

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