About The KB1 Water Treatment System

The KB1 is our leading copper silver ionisation model that can treat up to 100 litres per minute. It utilises our latest touchscreen technology and is compatible with our latest self-adjusting pods. It also has data-downloading functionality and so can be used with our water management system, Tetras.

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    The KB1

    Copper Silver Ionisation

    • Flow Rate
    • Number of Silver Pods
    • Number of Copper Pods
    • Pipe Size
    • Water Pressure
    • Width
    • Height

    Flow Rate

    0 - 100lpm

    Number of Silver Pods


    Number of Copper Pods


    Pipe Size

    1.5 inch

    Water Pressure

    9 bar











    See Developments Below



    See Developments Below

    Data Downloading


    See Developments Below

    BMS Compatible




    Remote Access


    See Developments Below

    • Depth
    • Touchscreen
    • Anti-scaling
    • Self-adjusting
    • Data Downloading
    • BMS Compatible
    • Modular
    • Remote Access
    • Flow Rate: 0-100lpm
    • Number of Silver Pods: 1
    • Number of Copper Pods: 1
    • Pipe Size: 1.5 inch
    • Water Pressure: 9 bar
    • Width: 948mm
    • Height: 1387mm
    • Depth: 131mm
    • Touchscreen: Yes
    • Anti-scaling: No
    • Self-adjusting: Yes
    • Data Downloading: Yes
    • BMS Compatible: Yes
    • Modular: Yes
    • Remote Access: Yes


    ProEconomy is proud of its quality assurance process as well as the high standard of its product.

    If an Orca system is purchased with our standard maintenance package then we will guarantee it for a period of 5 years from the date of installation. During this period ProEconomy will replace any parts that fail (excluding consumables) and will assure the continued operation of the  system (see terms and conditions).


    Tetras Water Management System

    Tetras is a new cloud-based water management system that is revolutionising the way water samples are taken, tracked and analysed. It enables you to use your desktop, tablet or smartphone to view where and when water samples were taken, together with the corresponding laboratory results as soon as they become available. You can then analyse the data and display it in a variety of ways, such as trending site wide results and analysing individual outlets, making potential issues easier to identify.

    Our Tetras water management system is compatible with all our Orca systems and comes free with the installation of any system. It's just another way we provide an advanced water treatment and management service for our clients.

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    Developments of Our Water Treatment System

    ProEconomy has a policy of continuous development of our Orca copper silver ionisation system to make it the very best and keep it at the top of the water treatment industry. Over the years innovations have included:-

    • Anti-scaling. Proprietary software that reduces scale build up on the electrode surface.
    • Low-flow software. Low water flow rates can increase the rate of scaling to very high levels. Software developed by and unique to ProEconomy counteracts this very effectively.
    • Self-adjusting. Automatically adjusts the current between the copper and silver electrodes to compensate for changes in electrode wear.
    • Touch-screen Technology. Making the system very user-friendly.
    • Monitoring and diagnostic information. Available for one year. This allows comparison with norms so that problems such as leaks, etc. become immediately apparent.
    • Connection to building water management systems. Is available, allowing continuous monitoring.
    • Self-diagnostic fault detection. If a problem is detected the system will either try and clear it or, if it can't, will shut down and transmit an error message.
    • Multiple ionisation legs. On bigger systems - if one pod fails the others are programmed to take up the load.
    • Overload detection and safe mode operation. If the system runs at over 90% of its full capacity for more than an hour it reduces down to 10% for the next hour, preventing overheating.
    • Data-downloading. System data (flow rates, errors, utilisation) can be downloaded to our Tetras system for review by the client remotely.
    • Remote Access. Remotely monitor and modify the Orca copper silver ionisation system via our Tetras water management client portal. Please get in touch for details.
    • Pod Cartridges. The electrodes within the pods can be easily removed for cleaning and changing. ProEconomy are the only company that offers this functionality.

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    ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.


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