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The Simple Way To Manage Your Water Risk, Whatever Your Legionella Control Modality

What Is Tetras?

Tetras is our cloud-based water management system that is revolutionising the way water samples are tracked and analysed.

Tetras uses cutting edge technology combined with the latest lab sample management systems to enable you to login via our website portal to view where and when water samples are taken and to see lab results as soon as they are available. Consequently, Tetras makes water issues easier to identify, takes the stress our of water sampling and allows you to conveniently and effectively manage Legionella risk.

Despite using the latest technology, Tetras is easy to use and requires no setup time. We setup, barcode our sampling outlets, manage our cloud-based water management system and provide the minimal training you will need to use Tetras. You simply login to view your real time results, trends and sample interrogation on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

What Is The Aim Of Tetras?

The goal behind Tetras was to combine what the water hygiene technician observes in the field with the laboratory water analysis results in one uncomplicated, robust system that was easy to implement, easy to understand and easy to modify.

Therefore, we have built Tetras with tools that facilities and Estates professionals are familiar with, such as barcodes, Excel and email. Furthermore, Tetras uses Delphi programming language and utilises XML and CSV file formats, making it easy to programme for hospital staff.

This technology, combined with our 25 years of experience in water sampling, ensures that Tetras will take the stress out of water sampling so you can concentrate on improving your water quality.

Why Use Tetras?

Stress Free

Using our high levels of experience and cutting-edge mobile and GPS technology, Tetras takes the stress out of sampling so you can focus on improving your water quality.

Easy Online Access

Access your real time results, trending and sample interrogation quickly with your client login and an easy to use interface on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Local Focus

We have engineers and samplers based in regions across the UK so you can be assured we’re on hand when you need us.

Compliant Results

We only use external UKAS approved laboratories to provide water analysis so you know your results are accurate and compliant.

Experienced Samplers

Our samplers are all City and Guilds accredited with years of experience and training so you can be confident you’re in the right hands.


Setup custom alerts and reporting metrics that suit you to trend holistic analysis results or dig down into each outlet and trend analyse results per outlet.

How Will Tetras Improve Your Water Quality?

Tetras simplifies water management and makes the interpretation of results easier so that actions can be formatted quickly and more efficiently.

By enabling users to view, and analyse, their water samples, our cloud-based water management system makes potential issues easier to identify and allows you to diagnose problems in real time. Consequently, it helps users manage their water risks from Legionella and Pseudomonas contamination and gives peace of mind that your site is compliant.

If you have purchased an Orca copper silver ionisation system, Tetras comes FREE and will allow you to view data and trend analysis from your Orca system to provide you with an advanced water treatment and monitoring service.

ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.

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