Legionella Control Case Studies

Over the past 25 years, ProEconomy have installed their copper silver ionisation system, The Orca, at over 200 industrial and commercial sites. This includes treating water at some of the largest hospitals in the UK, such as Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Royal Free, and some of the most prestigious sites across Europe, such as the European Space Agency.

As part of our advanced water treatment and legionella control service, we take pre- and post-commissioning samples at each of their sites. It is this testing that has generated collaborative long-term Legionella efficacy data. This, combined with the fact that The Orca has never failed to control Legionella in a clients' premises, has developed ProEconomy’s prestigious reputation within the UK’s NHS and the European health sector.

Read some of our case studies below to discover how ProEconomy are controlling Legionella and water borne pathogens in sites across Europe. Alternatively, contact us to see how ProEconomy can control Legionella in your premises.

ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.



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