The Orca's Energy and Carbon Consumption

Increases in worldwide Carbon Dioxide emissions are a cause of considerable concern. Therefore, we are continually striving to reduce the Orca's energy and carbon consumption and have created a life cycle to evaluate the Orca’s impact upon the environment.

This life cycle shows that the Orca system is responsible for 0.5 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year. To put this into context an average UK citizen is responsible for 9.7 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide production per year. Please click on the button below to view the Orca system's life cycle.

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Last year (January 2023 – January 2024) ProEconomy sold 30 Orca systems. We therefore estimate a carbon deficit of 15 tonnes. We are aiming to reduce this amount where possible.

It has recently been scientifically proven that an Orca copper silver ionisation system can control Legionella even at low temperatures. As temperatures can be reduced, our clients can therefore reduce their energy consumption and cut their carbon footprints.

As a company we are also aware of our environmental impact and we have an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place that measures our carbon production and energy usage. We utilise this system to help us to achieve our carbon and energy reduction objectives.

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ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.


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