The Most Advanced Water Treatment and Monitoring

At ProEconomy we offer a combined water treatment and monitoring service using our copper silver ionisation system and cloud based water management system. In this way, we can eradicate water risk and offer effective Legionella control for our clients.

The Orca

Advanced copper and silver water treatment

ProEconomy are the global water treatment company behind the Orca copper and silver ionisation system for legionella control.

The Orca system is the proven water treatment modality for the control of disease causing waterborne bacteria including Legionella and Pseudomonas.

There are three different Orca models to choose from and the model specified will be dependant upon the use case, the sites water consumption and a site survey carried out by a qualified ProEconomy engineer.

The Orca is successfully controlling Legionella and other waterborne bacteria at sites across the UK, Europe and worldwide, including at Windsor Castle, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the European Space Agency.


Advanced water sampling and management

After years of water sampling, monitoring and treatment we have developed our bespoke, cloud based water management system, Tetras, that is designed to simplify the way sites manage water risk and control Legionella.

Our City and Guilds accredited samplers will collect samples from your water outlets which will then be analysed by a UKAS approved laboratory. This lab will then upload all water sample results into your easy to use, online dashboard.

Here, you have full access to your individual sample details and site-wide results so water issues are detected and treated before contamination occurs.

Our Tetras water management system comes free with the installation of any Orca copper silver ionisation system but can be used with any Legionella control modality.

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