Water Treatment

At ProEconomy, we offer an advanced water treatment service for commercial and industrial sites using our Orca copper silver ionisation system and Tetras water management system. Thanks to our high level of service and proven water treatment modality, we provide an all-round, advanced water treatment and management service that controls Legionella and eradicates water risk.

What Is Our Water Treatment Service?

Our solution comprises of two bespoke services: water treatment and water sampling and management.

We treat water at commercial and industrial sites with our copper silver ionisation system, the Orca. Thanks to its great residual effect, no COSHH issues and the ability to complement temperature control, our copper silver ionisation system surpasses other water treatment methods which is why it is trusted by some of the most prestigious sites worldwide for Legionella control.

Plus, copper silver ionisation is scientifically proven to destroy biofilms, an essential factor when it comes to controlling and preventing the reformation of LegionellaPseudomonas and other water borne pathogens.

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Why Sites Need Water Treatment?

Water borne pathogens, such as Legionella and Pseudomonas, are a significant threat to those with weakened immune systems, the elderly, newborns or those already suffering from lung, kidney or heart disease.

Therefore, it is critical that commercial and industrial sites carry out a full risk assessment of their water systems and install a proven water treatment modality to eradicate water quality risks.

You can find out more about Legionella below.

Where We Control Legionella

Our water treatment system is installed at over 200 prestigious sites worldwide from a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors, some of which are listed below.

  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Educational institutions
  • Food and drink manufacturing
  • Government buildings
  • Private estates
  • Hotels
Our copper silver ionisation system is controlling Legionella in these sectors and is highly recommended by our clients.
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ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.


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