Water Hygiene Events

ProEconomy is proud to sponsor Water Hygiene Events, a not for profit events company that organises the Legionella and Environmental Action Platform (LEAP) - a yearly water hygiene seminar.

At all of our events we provide independent expertise and encourage debate. It is via these open and transparent conversations that we hope to find shared solutions to real world water quality problems.

LEAP events include workshops where delegates are encouraged to have lively discussions with our industry experts. These experts have included Professors, Engineers, Academics, Heads of Industry and Executive Level NHS professionals.

Water Hygiene Events organise two seminars:

  • The Legionella and Environmental Action Platform (L.E.A.P), a platform setup for infection control and facilities and estates professionals to discuss Legionella, Pseudomonas and general water hygiene.
  • CuAg, an event setup for public health engineers to discuss copper and silver ionisation for waterborne pathogen control.

Water Hygiene Events also partners with Universities across the UK for the Endeavour awards. The Endeavour awards are a water hygiene based awards program, that focuses upon the cutting edge of waterborne pathogen control. The Endeavour Awards runs a yearly competition to find the best water quality research paper.

Water Hygiene Events is currently collaborating with industry to create the National Water Safety Group. This is a national forum where members of local or regional water safety groups can collaborate on a national level to share best practice. If you work within Water Safety and would be interested in joining please get in touch.

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