RAY: Point of Use Copper and Silver Water Treatment

The RAY point of use copper silver ionisation system has a number of advantages over traditional point of use water filters.

RAY is the first point of use copper and silver ionisation system for the control of disease-causing, water-borne bacteria. Easily installed behind a water outlet, tap or shower, it can control Legionella and Pseudomonas locally.

RAY is a great alternative to an Orca system if your water quality issues are localised and not systemic. RAY is also a great alternative to traditional Point of Use water filters.

  • RAY does not restrict flow.
  • RAY can be changed yearly as opposed to monthly like most point of use filters.
  • RAY resolves the localised problem.
  • RAY doesn’t ‘back up’ bacteria, which can cause further contamination upstream.
  • RAY doesn’t create a water hygiene risk at the outlet itself as all components are hidden.













Ordering The RAY System

Our point of use copper silver ionisation system is currently being trialled across the UK with really promising results. If these units continue to perform as expected, we will be ready for our first production run in early 2020. As this is the first point of use water filter of its kind, interest has so far been fierce. Therefore, if you want a localised alternative to point of use filters then please get in touch with our team using the form below.

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