Legionella Control For Leisure Facilities

From gyms to sports centres, our Orca copper silver ionisation system and our Tetras water management system is helping to control Legionella in leisure facilities and keep visitors safe.

Leisure facilities such as gyms, sports centres and swimming pools use an abundance of water every day. From showers and swimming pools to cafes and drinking fountains, leisure and sports centres are reliant on water to provide service levels members and guests expect. As a result, Legionella control for leisure facilities is paramount to ensure the safety of members and the compliant running of the centre.

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legionella control for leisure facilities

Why Leisure Facilities Need Water Treatment

Member Safety

Home to hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors per day, leisure centres need to keep members safe.

If Legionella is present in water sources and inhaled by those who are susceptible to contracting Legionnaires Disease, it can cause severe illness and sadly even death. It is therefore paramount that leisure centres invest in a proven water treatment modality to prevent a Legionella outbreak and keep members safe.


The leisure industry is growing. Therefore, competition is rife with new facilities and centres frequently coming to the market. One aspect that sets centres apart, and encourages members of the public to join, is member safety and security.

News of a Legionella outbreak is damning for leisure facilities and is near impossible to recover from. And, in an industry this competitive, centres will soon face extinction following an outbreak.

Economic Stability

If Legionella is found at your premises, it can cause a large amount of financial strain. While investigations take place centres will be forced to close, causing a loss of profit and member refunds or compensation. Then there’s the cost of an investigation and Legionella control measures which must be put in place.

Of course, the damage on the centre’s reputation will also have a colossal economic impact.


ProEconomy provide a combined advanced water treatment and management with our Orca copper silver ionisation system and Tetras water management system. If you would like more information about Legionella control for leisure facilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.


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