Legionella Control In Government Institutions

Our Orca copper silver ionisation system combined with our Tetras water management system, helps us to provide Legionella control in government institutions in the UK and across Europe.


When it comes to water treatment, government institutions must be seen to lead the way by successfully controlling Legionella in their water systems.

With The Orca copper silver ionisation system, we offer proven Legionella control in government institutions. Meanwhile, our advanced water sampling and management system, simplifies water sampling and ensures that facilities managers can easily view and analyse water sample results with problem outlets highlighted, to ensure water risks are identified and resolved before contamination occurs.

To discuss Legionella control in government institutions, contact our team today. Alternatively, read our case study on Legionella control in cooling towers at the European Space Agency below.

legionella control in government
  • European Space Agency

    The European Space Agency (ESA) has been using an Orca copper and silver ionisation (CSI) system for treating the water supply to their GN chiller for the control of Legionella since 2004. The summary results from 2013 to 2017 shows that there were no Legionella positives during the period.

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ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.


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