How the Orca System works


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The new Orca at Churchill hospital proves extremely effective

The Orca copper and silver ionisation system at Churchill Hospital (part…

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ProEconomy listed under Article 95 of the BPD for silver and copper.

ProEconomy are included for copper and silver on the Article 95 Biocidal…

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The New ACOP L8

The new ACOP is the HSE's technical guidance document for Legionnaires' disease and the control of Legionella bacteria in water systems. 

The new document has been a great supporter of copper and silver and ProEconomy feel that ionisation is rising to the forefront of water treatment compliance.  

Extract from the New ACOP: 'copper and silver ionisation is shown to be effective at controlling Legionella and can penetrate and control established biofilms'. 


Approved and Accredited

The UK Approved Code of Practice (L8) from the HSE supports copper and silver ionisation as an effective method to control Legionella in hot and cold water systems. This document can be ordered from HMSO ISBN 0-7176-1772-6 for £8.

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