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What Is Tetras?

Tetras is ProEconomy’s new cloud based water management system that is revolutionising the way water samples are tracked and analysed. It uses cutting edge mobile and GPS technology combined with the latest laboratory sample management systems to enable you to use your desktop, tablet or smartphone to view where and when water samples are taken, together with the corresponding laboratory results as soon as they become available.

Despite its premium technology, Tetras is an easy to use package that requires no setup time and minimal training.

Tetras comes FREE with any Orca system purchased.

How Will Tetras Improve Water Treatment?

Tetras will simplify water management, giving you peace of mind that your site is compliant and successfully controlling Legionella.

By enabling users to view, and analyse, their water samples, our cloud based water management system makes potential issues easier to identify. Consequently, it helps users manage their water risks from Legionella and Pseudomonas contamination.

Tetras comes FREE with the purchase of any Orca system to provide you with an advanced water treatment and monitoring service.

What Is The Aim Of Tetras?

The goal behind Tetras was to combine what the water hygiene technician observes in the field with the laboratory water analysis results in one easy to use system. It’s taken us 2 years to develop.

Having spent 25 years in water treatment, we took guidance from what works for our clients, not by technology of the moment. Therefore, we spent time understanding the needs of our existing clients and what they could work with. The resulting aim was to create an uncomplicated, robust system that was easy to implement, easy to understand and easy to modify. Therefore, the system would employ tools Facilities and Estates professionals are familiar with, such as Excel and email.

We needed:

  • the system to be able to scan hospital barcodes so that we can retrofit Tetras into existing Orca systems.
  • to use proven and rugged hardware. So, we opted for Panasonic Toughpad tablets that are understood and used by engineers worldwide.
  • Tetras to be easily programmable by hospital I.T. staff. We based the system on Delphi programming language and utilised XML and CSV files, which all I.T departments will be familiar with.
  • data downloading from our Orca systems to be uncomplicated and trouble free. Therefore, we use a wired USB cable and not Bluetooth.

Although still in the testing phase, we think that we’ve succeeded in producing a cloud-based Legionella and Pseudomonas management system.  For more information contact our team.

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ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.

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