About us

Machine-cutout-with-shadows.jpgProEconomy produce a copper and silver ionisation system called the Orca that controls Legionella in sites throughout the UK and Europe.

The company was founded in 1993 and it developed rapidly and created a solid reputation within the UK’s NHS and the European health sector.

This reputation allowed ProEconomy to break into the corporate sector and in 2001 the Orca water treatment system was installed in HSBC’s headquarters in Canary Wharf, London.

The HSBC system was a huge success and helped ProEconomy secure the European Space Agency in 2002.

Since then their client portfolio has expanded exponentially and now includes over 200 sites, including Birmingham Heartlands, Solihull Hospital and Windsor Palace.

ProEconomy’s copper and silver water ionisation system continues to be regarded as a highly effective form of water treatment and has successfully controlled Legionella at every one of their 200 sites.

ProEconomy maintains this reputation with a comprehensive maintenance and testing program that ensures Legionella never returns.

They remain passionate about copper and silver ionisation and have a dedicated research and development department headed up by Dr Birgitta Bedford whose PHD in Legionella control has given them a unique position and authority within the marketplace.

Ultimately, as the company Director Byron Bedford notes, ‘we offer an efficient, environmentally friendly, cost effective solution that ensures complete peace of mind and guarantees Legionella control in our client's water systems’.