Copper essential use derogation supported. 


The European Commission (EC) has confirmed it intends to go forward with the essential use derogation for copper as a biocide. 

We are giving this information about the HSE essential use derogation for copper as a biocide ahead of schedule. 

Derogation has been supported by the EC on behalf of HSE for the use of copper as a biocide within the UK. Copper's approval as a Legionella control biocide is pending subject to the formal announcement by the EC, which is expected in September.

The Competent Authorities of the EC met on Friday and were presented with a draft agreement for derogation. No objections were made to this draft and the formal announcement should be made in mid September. 

We would like to take this opportunity to THANK our clients that have stayed loyal to us throughout this lengthy process.

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There are also planned changes occurring to ACoP L8 and ProEconomy's Birgitta is the industry representative for these changes.

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