Retirement community in Illinois: Three confirmed and seven suspected cases of Legionnaires' disease occurred among residents of a retirement community in the Chicago area. Two have died. The first case died in September; the subsequent cases were dentified in November. A rain forest, water fall, and spa located in the atrium of the facility were shut down by investigators.
Source: Daily Herald

Hospital in UK: Two patients at a hospital in Essex contracted Legionnaires' disease. The hospital reported that water test results indicated it was the probable source. As of the 8 January report, both patients had responded to antibiotics but one was still in a critical condition.
Source: BBC News

Senior apartment complex in Baltimore: Six elderly residents contracted Legionnaires' disease, one of whom died. The outbreak was investigated in October.
Source: Baltimore Sun

Hotel in Miami: Three guests of a hotel in Miami contracted Legionnaires' and one died. A European man left on a cruise after staying at the hotel in late September but was rushed back to a hospital where he died. A second man contracted LD while at the hotel in late November. Health officials did not recognize the outbreak until December when a third case occurred in a woman who visited the hotel.
Source: Miami Herald

January 2010