First PHd in Legionella Control?

Posted on January 14, 2015

ProEconomy’s Birgitta Bedford has received a PHd in Legionella Control from Cranfield University.

ProEconomy believe this to be the first PHd Doctor in Legionella control.

Her PHD specifically covered Legionella control by temperatures and by copper and silver ionisation.

Her findings confirmed that Legionella is not controlled by maintaining temperatures of above 50 degrees at hot and below 20 degrees at cold outlets. It highlighted specific issues at blended outlets because hot water is mixed with cold water to prevent scalding, but to temperatures at which Legionella grows rapidly. 

Legionella was however controlled by copper and silver ionisation systems installed in 10 of the UK hospitals that Birgitta studied at levels as low as 150 parts per billion of copper and 20 parts per billion of silver at outlets.

Elevated PH, which was considered an issue in the efficacy of copper and silver ionisation was shown not to hinder its efficacy in controlling Legionella within water systems.

If you have any questions please contact Birgitta at 

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