Copper essential use derogation supported.

The EC on behalf of HSE have proposed to grant derogation for copper for the purposes of Legionella control in the UK subject to completion of its internal procedures. 

Copper was taken off the market on the 1st of February 2013 due to EC legislation. The EU have now excepted the draft derogation agreement and a formal announcement will be made once the legal process has gone through, which is expected in mid September.

The reason copper was under review was because annex listings on the European biocidal products directive was not taken up by the copper industry.

HSE website will be updated when the derogation is published on the EC website. 

HSE and other EU competent authorities, such as Norway, France, Holland and Spain, have supported copper's essential use derogation. This derogation will last until December 2014, in which time industry has over a year to apply for annex listings in the European biocidal products directive. 

The copper task force is already formed and the application will be submitted very shortly. 

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