ProEconomy install the silver only Porpoise system at Croydon university hospital.

ProEconomy have installed a new water treatment system at Croydon university hospital

Croydon university hospital is a 600-bed site and the new silver only Porpoise system has already been running for a month. The porpoise will be treating 153,340 cubic meters of water each year and has been taken on with the standard maintenance and sampling program that ProEconomy use to confirm that the water on site meets their exacting standards.


Nick Bedford, the MD of ProEconomy, is excited about acquiring the new hospital ‘Croydon is a great hospital to have as a site and we are optimistic that we can do some great things here. This is a large site and we are utilizing our latest product [the Porpoise] to treat the water, so expectations are high.’ 

For further details please contact:

Byron Bedford

Business development manager