ProEconomy's client list is abundant and includes many prestigious sites, such as the HSBC Canary Wharf Headquarters, Windsor Palace and the European Space Agency.

ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.

Our clients have had many different reasons for installing the Orca system.

  • Many had high counts of Legionella.
  • Many could not maintain hot water temperatures at 50°C.
  • Many maintained the nationally recommended temperatures but were still colonized with Legionella.
  • Many previously had high Legionella counts despite using other Legionella control methods such as chlorination, pasteurization, filtration, UV and chlorine dioxide.

Many had been impressed with our track record or had been recommended to us by one of our other clients.

ProEconomy has successfully controlled Legionella in over 200 sites across the UK and Europe.

Most of these sites have not only installed one Orca system but have subsequently installed more Orca systems after seeing how successful their first installation was.

ProEconomy's client list is diverse and varies from large hospitals to small care homes. 

ProEconomy have installed the Orca Legionella control system in a large variety of institutions that have included schools, large and small hospitals, care homes, office blocks, leisure facilities and government buildings.

  • Basildon

  • Baxters Soup

  • Benedon Hospital

  • European Space Agency

  • Great Ormond Street

  • Horders Centre

  • Kinderminster Hospital

  • Lady of Lourdes Hospital

  • Leek Hospital

  • Queen Victoria Hospital