There are 4 models to choose from, depending on your peak water consumption per minute and your ionisation preferences.

The 5th generation

The 5th generation Orca is ProEconomy’s latest model and offers various benefits.

The Barracuda

The Barracuda has been developed by ProEconomy to solely treat cooling tower water.

The Porpoise

The Porpoise is a silver only ionisation system that effectively treats Legionella in water systems.

The Orca

The flexible copper and silver ionisation system for all your Legionella control needs.


  • Basildon

  • Baxters Soup

  • Benedon Hospital

  • European Space Agency

  • Great Ormond Street

  • Horders Centre

  • Kinderminster Hospital

  • Lady of Lourdes Hospital

  • Leek Hospital

  • Queen Victoria Hospital