The 5th generation Orca system

ProEconomy is continuously advancing the Orca Legionella control system to make it more effective and easier to use.

Since ProEconomy was founded in 1993, we have created 5 generations of the Orca system. Each generation has been more advanced than its predecessor, utilizing the latest technology to make a more user friendly and effective product.

In 2008 ProEconomy unveiled the 5th generation Orca system that has now been installed in numerous sites, including Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull hospital.

It is proving to be very successful and offer many advantages:

  • It has the facility to access the Orca systems’ flow settings and readings remotely via the Internet.
  • It constantly monitors and displays the flow of water passing through the electrode pods using a flow sensor and continually adjusts the current between the electrodes to take into account differing flow rates.
  • It displays the parts per billion, or micrograms per liter, of copper and silver being released into the water. All of which is done automatically
  • If it is deemed necessary to increase/decrease the silver or copper levels, the 5th generation Orca system can adjust these levels to a high degree of accuracy that surpasses its predecessors.
  • It is completely digital.

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