The Porpoise

The porpoise is a silver only ionisation system that has been proven to effectively control Legionella in water systems.

After extensive testing as part of Birgitta Bedford’s PHD in Legionella control, silver ionisation was proven to be an effective method of water ionisation. This prompted ProEconomy to look into silver only ionisation as a viable Legionella control method.

ProEconomy extensively tested silver ionisation at various sites across the UK and concluded that silver ionisation systems offer outstanding Legionella control and various other advantages to traditional water treatment methods.

As a result they commissioned work to be carried out on a new system that they would name the Porpoise.  

In 2010 the porpoise silver ionisation system was released as an addition to their product portfolio.

Since then they have continued to see encouraging results and the porpoise silver ionisation system has created a reputation for effective Legionella control.

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