ProEconomy’s after installation service continues to impress

Posted on February 5, 2016

ProEconomy are passionate about water and making sure that Legionella is controlled at their sites. This is why they continue to supply the excellent after installation service that they are known for.

Below is a picture of Karina Jones, one of ProEconomy’s microbiologist team, instructing cleaning staff at Great Ormond Street hospital on how and where to flush.

Installing the Orca copper and silver ionisation system is the start of a comprehensive service package. ProEconomy make sure that Legionella is controlled by implementing a maintenance and sampling regime that ensures Legionella is controlled. They instruct ward nurses and maintenance staff on how to flush tap points effectively and where they should be flushed, their engineers make sure the Orca ionisation system is working at its optimum capacity and their team of sampling engineers sample the site continually for Legionella, total viable count of bacteria and metals to ensure that water is clear from harmful bacteria and that their copper and silver biocide is getting to the tap point. 

ProEconomy pride themselves on their after installation service, as Dr Birgitta Bedford from ProEconomy explains ‘we are not the kind of company that install our system and then walk away. Once we install the Orca ionisation system we initiate a maintenance and sampling program that makes sure Legionella is controlled. This is shared with our clients to ensure that they have absolute peace of mind in regard to their Legionella control’. 

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ProEconomy's reputation speaks volumes and the Orca system is highly regarded by those who have installed it.