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Case study - Birmingham Heartlands

In September 2007 ProEconomy installed the Orca system in the 900 bed Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

Before the Orca was installed, ProEconomy took samples of the hospital’s water from 45 different points throughout the hospital. 22 of the samples taken came back positive with Legionella.

The Orca system was then installed. One month after installation the hospital’s water was tested again. Only 5 points tested positive for Legionella, a 77% reduction after only 1 month. In the second month, 2 points came back positive and in the third month the Orca system had totally eradicated Legionella from the entire site.

The Orca system had eliminated all Legionella in three months in a hospital where half of its water outlets had been contaminated prior to the Orca’s installation.